Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Fox and the Crow Performances

 The children worked together to put on the play The Fox and the Crow.  Once the parts were assigned the children began working on the props.  The boy narrators help make the tree trunk and branches.  The girl narrators made the leaves.  The Crows made their beaks.  The Foxes made the cheese.  There are 4 parts in the play so we had 4 groups.

     The children practiced for a couple of days.  On Thursday it was showtime!  We had the PreK class and the Kindergarten classes come watch a performance.  I tried to make sure they were able to perform for their siblings.  Unfortunately, several of our performers were absent so we had a few people perform twice.

We hope you enjoy our performances!

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Lesson 30 - Focus Wall - Winners Never Quit!


This is the last spelling test!

The challenge words for this week are because and silent.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Great Cookie Election

 In social studies class we discussed ways to be a good citizen.  One way is to vote in elections.  So, we held The Great Cookie Election,

On Monday, we started off by watching old commercials for Oreos and chocolate chip cookies. We discussed that commercial are trying to persuade us to but their product.  After we watched each commercial we discussed what we thought they were telling us, and if it was persuading us to want their product.    Then we ate one of each kind of cookie and wrote about which one was our favorite any why.

On Tuesday, they filled out their voter registration cards.

On Thursday, they each made a poster for their favorite cookie.  We reviewed that the poster was trying to persuade the other children to vote for their cookie.  Afterwards we looked at each others posters.

Friday was Voting Day!

First, they had to bring their voter registration card and sign in.
Next, they were given a ballot, asked to vote by circling their favorite cookie,  and put it in the ballot box.

Chocolate Chip Cookies For the Win!!!!!!

Pizza Hut - Camp BOOK IT!